La Danseuse 
music video

A tear inside of which a dancer, half human half flower, is born and streams down Rovski’s face.
She walks and dances through incredible worlds,
working her charm and meeting with obstacles like a rite of passage.

The first Rovski music video is an art video in stop motion and motion design animation, with the very visual and surreal aesthetics of the collage work of the director, which is the visual identity thread of their first EP, Mangroves.

Written & directed by Anaïs Morisset Desmond (aka Ut Barley)
Produced Rovski & La Main Productions  
and with the friendly support of Fleurs d'Argent Productions (Marie-Reine et Arnold de Parscau)

Featuring Rovski (Sonia Nemirovsky and Olive Perrussson)
& with the friendly participation of Pauline Lacombe

Collage artwork, design work & stop motion by Anaïs Morisset Desmond
Motion design animation & editing by Frédéric Roth
Photographers of Rovski & Pauline Lacombe : Kevin Blain and Marine Cessat-Bégler

Best Special Stuff International Music Video International (U.S.A)
official selections Finalist : Roma Independent Prisma Awards
Berlin Music Video Award
BIFF Brussels Independent Film Festival
Bang Awards International Animation Film Festival (Portugal)
Lift-Off Animation and Music Video Showcase
Vid&Sound BIM Pro San Francisco
Sacramento Film & Music Festival Anny Animation Nights New York
Festival de Video y Cine Femenino (Mexico)Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz Film Art (Portugal)
Muestra Movimiento Audiovisuel (Mexico)
Napoli Film Festival
Reanimania International Film & Comics art Festival of Yerevan (Iran)
Finalist : Roma Independent Prisma Awards
Crema Helada (Mexique)
Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival

©Anais Morisset Desmond 2020