A human transforms.
Every month, for few days, a woman transforms.

Sensitive is about change, a transforming body, the body of a woman (it’s not just about periods…I wanted the film to offer several possible interpretations, hence the will to not integrate a voice over but a dreamlike and sensory music). Sensitive is above all about the transformation of a being which time and nature could provoke upon our bodies and our flesh…
Sensitive is also a mental representation (a perception) of a feeling which could be either obsessive or anecdotal : the impression of not being in the right body.

Written and directed by Ut Barley (Anaïs Morisset Desmond)
Starring : Mia Or (Moïra Dalant)
Cinematographer : Adrien Mitoire
Editor : Nicolas Bonnet
Colorist : Edouard Potier
Music composed by Claude Artier
Mix : John M. Warts
Partnership : Telline, Image in Work, Collectif Les abattoirs

awardsJury Prize, Best Short Film Experimental : 9th edition, A Corto di Donne, Women's Short Film Festival (Pozzuoli, Italy)
official selections
Muestra videoarte y video experimental (3rd) Intermediacions, Medellin, Colombia
Festival du film de Masuku, Nature et Environnement (4th), Gabon
Star Film Fest (3rd Edition), Sisak, Croatia
Drunken Film Fest (1st Edition), Bradford, U.K
Tlanchana Film Fest (3rd Edition), Metepec, Mexico

parallel section
3FICAE - Diseases International Short Film and Art Film
Zona Inestable, Videoarte, ensoya y experimentacion (Valence)

Festival Champ Libre (St Junien, France)
La Société des Curiosité (Paris, France) • Soirée performance par Paola Daniele
Festival International des femmes de Créteil • Espace Iris (Créteil, France)
Exposition Slices of Life au 36Arles (Arles, France)
Exposition collective Hic est Sanguis Meus à La Capela (Paris, France)

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